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Bringing Cyberpunk to Fate Core • 2016 supplement

Jonathan Hollocombe • no link

You’ve gelled your pink Mohawk, polished your mirrorshades, spray painted your anarchy symbol on your t-shirt and got yourself jacked-up and jacked-in. You’re ready to punk, cyber-style.

Before you get started you’ll need the following:
A cyberspace network to hack
Mega-corporations to fight
A locker full of weapons
Access to next gen technology

You’re ready to go? Let’s see what the Fates have to say:

You’ll need to decide how deep the rabbit hole you want to go; adding a few computer skills can allow for hackers, but if you want a full immersive matrix you’ll want to also add some tech and world aspects to flesh this out.

Build your mega-corporations using some world aspects; make sure there is a balance of open profiteering and secret conspiracies. For each corporation generate a few NPCs, with associated machiavellian aspects. 

There are two ways of handling weapons in Fate Core:
Stunts: nice and easy, use the standard stunts rules to give your guns some flavour
Extras: harder, we need to add a new subsystem. Try and keep it simple: create some tags (automatic, long-range, etc.) and define your weapons using these.

See weapons; same idea, different flavour.

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