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Vampire Dark • 2016 supplement finalist

Abstract Machine •

Vampire Dark

A supplement for Cthulhu Dark by Graham Walmsley

The Sabbat embraced us en masse and buried us together. Who will survive?

Choose a city. Put a single piece of A4 paper in the middle of the table – horizontally for a SHALLOW GRAVE; vertically for a DEEP GRAVE.

Write a name and clan for your vampire on a post-it. Highest result on a six-sided die chooses their position in the grave first.


Roll one die if it is within human capabilities.
Add a die if it is within the expertise of your clan.
Roll a RED die if you are willing to risk FRENZY.

Your highest die shows how well you do. Any player that matches the result of your RED die on a single die of their own may describe a sickening and heinous act taken by your character during FRENZY. 

Will you support the SABBAT, the CAMARILLA or the populace of the CITY?

Everyone who is cooperating rolls their dice; the highest result determines the result for the pack. Highest result determines the winner between competing interests.

If we are the sickness then what is the cure?

Author Comments (if any)

This supplement relies on (a) the system of Cthulhu Dark, which it adapts to particular purpose, and (b) the themes and cultural presence of Vampire: The Masquerade, a role-playing game first released by White Wolf in 1991.

Judge Comments

Again, there’s that Vampire-horror, this time blended with Cthulhu Dark. Good pick for system for this setting. - Stephanie Bryant

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