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Divinity Dice • 2016 rpg

Edcrab • https://twitter.com/campaignwhereu

Divinity Dice

You are dying gods trying to correct past mistakes. One-shot for use with classic attribute system. Up to 6 players.

Players assign 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10 and 1d12 to attributes. Sixth attribute is assigned 1d20: a Divinity die. Divinity still serves original function, but can do ANYTHING if players make an effort to explain how. Divinity represents “portfolio” of power set. Ideally every player should select a different Divinity: Goddess of Strength, God of Wisdom, Demonic Dog of Constitution, etc.

GM challenges each attribute in turn with very low but slowly escalating DCs. Every PC rolls against each challenge DC and may not sit one out. Caution! PCs are allowed five failures: then they die!

Humility: roll a 1. Reduce that attribute by one category (to minimum of 1d4).

Hubris: roll maximum. Reduce player to your left’s attribute, their choice (minimum 1d4). 

The goal is to be last god standing and/or be first to have 1d4 in every attribute: accepting your fate instead of burning out in a painful blaze of glory. Along the way you’ll dominate and overpower puny humans, or have moments of insight when you see how the other half lives. Possibly.

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