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Team Me • 2016 rpg

Larry Spiel •

Team Me
By Larry Spiel

This is a game of teamwork and selfishness.  The players are employees of FriendlyCorp.  Today is both team building day and downsizing day.  Employees work together to overcome challenges, then all but one will be fired.

Make a nametag for your employee.  Go around the table to introduce yourself.

My name is ______
My hobby is ______
My favourite _______ is _______

The game is played in rounds.  Each round has two parts: team building, and elimination.

Team Building
Play a game as a group.  Some examples are listed, but more can be found online:
Minefield (guide a blindfolded player through a room of obstacles (papers, water bottles, etc)
Plane Crash (list 12 items needed on a deserted island, rank in importance)
Spider Web (place to strings/tape across a door - get all players through without touching the tape)
All Aboard! (Fit the group in a small area.  Decrease the area size)

Randomly select an employee.
That employee is eliminated unless another employee vouches for them.  Explain why they matter.
There is no cost to vouching for another player.

Play continues until only one employee remains.

Be the Friendliest FriendlyCorp employee to win!

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