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Money Talks • 2016 rpg

Kelly Berger •

How well do you know your capital? 

Required: 2+ players

Set up: Players collectively agree their starting nation. The player with the most money goes first. Ties are settled by a dance-off, with all tied players rated a 1-10 by non-tied ones. 

Game Play: Each player starts by choosing a persona represented on any of the currency of that nation (from any time period). They then put out a statement reflecting a quote or idea in the voice of that persona. They have 2 minutes to present this. The next play can either challenge its accuracy (that the person was of that nation, the idea or quote is not attributed to them) or can choose a different persona from the same nation and do the same. If they challenge and are correct, they may set a new nation for currency and persona.

If a player challenges and loses, they gain a token. If they are unable to come up with a persona and a statement, they gain a token. 

The game ends when the players want. The player at the end with the fewest tokens wins. Ties are settled in the same fashion as first player determination. 

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