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Liber Monstri • 2016 rpg

Fred Bednarski •

You are scholars writing a guide to monsters. You have travelled for months collecting rumors about different beasts. Now, you meet again to write up your findings. 

Rumors: on scraps of paper write monster aspects: looks, abilities, origins, weakness, etc. Combined, all players should have at least 30 rumors. Mix them into single pile.

On your turn draw a rumor. Narrate it, recount the tale of the person who encountered the monster. Put the rumor in the center of the table. Play continues clockwise.

All new information should build on what is already established. Contradicting information needs to explained. Other players vote, majority wins. If vote is against you, the monster is proven not real. Discard all the current rumors. Next player starts a new monster. 

After narrating you can declare the monster complete by naming it. Collect all the current rumors and put them in front of you. Next player starts a new monster.

After the rumor pile is empty, roll a d10 for each  monster in front of you. Roll equal or lower, than the number of rumors in this monster, to score a point. Most points wins.

Feel free to write down and share your creations. #LiberMonstri

Author Comments (if any)

The game centers around expanding the gameworld. If you feel like it fits more into tools category, feel free to place it there instead of RPGs.

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