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Super Simple Magic for Fate Core • 2016 supplement finalist

Stoo •

The simplest way to handle magic in Fate is not to change the rules but to treat it narratively. Your character should have an Aspect to grant permission such as “A mage trained at the School on Roke”. Describe your character casting spells but roll the same skills other characters use.

Hurling a fireball? Roll Shoot. Distracting someone with an illusion? That’s Deceive. Want to turn your companion invisible? Create Advantage using Stealth.

If your character wants to use a skill in a mundane way, for instance fire a bow, that’s a perfect opportunity for a compel.

If there’s something you want your character to do which doesn’t fit a Skill then try it as a Stunt. For example:

Summon Skeleton

Summon a skeleton to fight on your behalf. Use Will instead of Fight to make close-combat attacks.

What’s the spell’s duration? As long as makes sense. What if it’s wounded? The wounds apply to the mage.

The most important thing is NOT to create a Magic skill. If you do the wizard will use Magic for every roll and will unbalance the game.

This applies to magic-like things such as the Force in Star Wars or Bending in Avatar.

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Breaks down simply what’s fun/unfun about magic and similar - Kat Kuhl

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