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IFAD • 2016 supplement

M. Quintanilla • no link

(instant) Fantasy Adventure Dungeon

When your players press ever deeper into a dark and dreary dungeon, roll 1d6.

On a...

1-3: It’s a hallway, a perfectly square room, rather mundane. Roll 1d6 on the next table.

4-5: Someplace much more interesting. An underground shrine to an evil god or the final resting place of a legendary hero. Something cool like that. Roll 2d6 on the next table.

6: Whatever they came for, it’s here, probably. The Dragon’s hoard, the baroness’ missing diplomats, etc. Roll 3d6 on the next table, just to make things interesting. 

On a…

1: Monster(s)! A pack of roving goblins, the realm’s most dangerous assassin, a hungry hungry jelly cube.

2: Hazard! A rickety rope bridge, axes swinging down from the ceiling, a trap waiting to be triggered.

3: Mystery! Blood stains that only one person can see, a strange contraption with no discernible purpose, faint whispers coming from… behind?

4: Challenge! A heavy padlock for your thief, an arcane puzzle for your wizard, a branching path for your patience.

5: Treasure! Gold, magic items, information. The good stuff.

6: LOTS OF THINGS! Roll +1d6 in addition to whatever it was you were rolling before.

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