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Meetings • 2016 rpg

Jaye Foster •

You are all in a meeting
   Define the problem the meeting is trying to solve
   Define your role in the meeting
   Define what you have to lose by someone else winning the meeting
      Use this to inspire your roleplay
Draw 5 cards each
Whoever is the most vulnerable starts “speaking”
   There is no turn order
To takeover “speaking” you must play a card
   Roleplay the action
      Ace - Rude interruption
      Two - Wasn’t listening
      Three - External phone call
      Four - Sketch on a notepad
      Five - Problem with technology
      Six - Tea and biscuits
     Seven - Reference international standard
     Eight - Minutes of previous meeting
     Nine - Return to a previously discarded solution
    Ten - Mention the opinion of a person not in attendance
    Jack - Refer to project plan
    Queen - Contest known fact
    King - Express concern about limited available time
   A card trumps only the card one higher than it.
      Exception - Kings trump Aces
   Draw a card when you are trumped
   Ties are resolved by talking over each other
The game end when no more cards can be played
   The game may not end beforehand
   You are free to leave the meeting
      Leaving the meeting means you have lost
   The winner is the last person “talking”

Author Comments (if any)

Vulnerable? Yes, the game starts by you all thinking about how vulnerable you are. If that makes you feel uncomfortable, then you are suitably prepared for the meeting.

If you do not like tea, you may instead have coffee. There are always biscuits.

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