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Soulstrings • 2016 rpg

Marek Golonka • (Polish)

3 players

Soulstrings presents human weaknesses as supernatural monsters that tempt humans. The default setting is misty, dark Victorian London but you can change this.

Each player creates a character – called a Soul – and invents a Nemezis, a supernatural being who has a hold on the Soul. The hold should be described by three Soulstrings: flaws, insecurities, fears and sins upon which the Nemezis preys.

Example – lady Yvonne is urged by a ghost of his ancestor to restore their family to glory by any means necessary. Soulstrings: Ambition, Poverty, Family Honor.

Players frame scenes in which the Nemezis tries to force the Soul to do something bad based on one of the Soulstrings. Each player in turn gets a scene in which (s)he roleplays the Soul. Another player is the Nemezis, the third one describes the surroundings and roleplays NPCs.

At the turning point of the scene the Soul rolls a d6. If he rolls above (s)he number of Soulstrings (s)he resists the temptation and loses one Soulstring. If not, (s)he succumbs and gets a new one. 

A Soul with 6 Soulstrings is totally corrupted, a Soul with none is free. Both situations end the story for this character.

Author Comments (if any)

My thanks go to Jacek, Micha?, Piotr, Kaja, Mateusz, Karina and Artur - each of you has helped me a lot to invent this game.

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