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Rad Hacker Vampires • 2016 rpg finalist

Roz • no link

You’re a cybersmith vampire with clipped black wings and broken nails. You run  a blood-mad hacker crew.

You have 3 traits. Grab a book from a nearby shelf. Pick 3 words from a random page. 

You have 3 stats. (H)umanity, (B)loodthirst, and (S)treet-cred. Allocate them to the sides of a blank d6. Each stat must have at least one side.

(H)umanity is your tortured soul and inner turmoil. Who cannot know the truth?
(B)loodthirst is your reckless vampire side. Who’re you trying to fuck?
(S)treet-cred is your pull with the hacker gangs in the cybercaves. Who thinks you’re shit-hot?

You have another d6 with two (+) sides, three (-) sides and a ( ) side. Roll both your dice when there’s a conflict. The Plus/Blank/Minus die tells you what happens, your H/B/S die tells you how. (H)(+) is a triumph of your (H)umanity, (S)(-) means your (S)treet-cred failed you, (B)( ) is a complication of your (B)loodthirst, etc.
You can invoke each of you traits once per session to re-roll.

At the end of a session you can reallocate your H/B/S based on the events of the session.

Author Comments (if any)

Inspired by “The World, The Flesh and The Devil” by Paul Czege, “Force Blade Punk” by Grant Howitt.

Judge Comments

I feel like this captures the gritty Vampire-horror genre that a lot of gamers really enjoy, without a lot of overly complex mechanics. It’s more complicated than rock-paper-scissors, but it fits in 200 words. - Stephanie Bryant

Come on, it’s called Rad Hacker Vampires! It’s ticking all my boxes - I like the theme, I like the stakes and the stats, and it really engages me. Out of all of the entries, this is the one that I’d like to play the most. - Grant Howitt

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