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Jackie Chan Adventures • 2016 rpg

Jay Shaffstall •

Inspirations: The Spy Next Door, The Accidental Spy

PCs are action heroes ala Jackie Chan.  Give your PC three traits.  The GM uses traits to frame interesting choices for the PC.

An adventure is a series of conflicts.  Conflicts are interesting encounters!  Anything uninteresting should just be narrated.

Each conflict has health.  Each success removes one health from a conflict.  The conflict is over when its health is gone.  A roll with no successes allows the GM to introduce something more into the fiction to threaten the PC.

A PC rolls one die naturally.  Add dice by adding complications for your PC.  If a conflict is not defeated, keep rolling and extending the fiction.  A complication that is still in the fiction still adds a die to subsequent rolls.

For X dice, successes are any roll of 7-X or more (6+ for 1 die, 5+ for 2 dice, etc).

Sample PC:

Bob Ho
Loves his neighbor
Wants her kids to like him
Protects innocents

Sample Conflicts (Health):

Thugs attack (5)
Cornered by the villain (10)
Climactic fight (15)

Sample Complications:

Protect a young girl
Tied to a chair with your neighbor's son
Carrying a cake

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