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The Less The More! • 2016 rpg

Johan Wijk • no link

The Less The More!
By Johan Wijk

First of all you have to create a setting. Talk over what everyone wants and you should all get an idea of the world and how you want to play your character.

Character creation:
Choose your Name, age and gender.
Choose 3 adjectives that best describes you.
Choose 3 nouns that best describes what you have or are.
Choose 3 verbs that you excel at.
You start with health at 3 and can be healed during downtime.

You always start with a dice pool of 7d6.
You count the median of your dice as the result.
If you have no attributes (adjectives/nouns/verbs) that helps, roll 7d6.
If you have 1 attribute of any class that helps, roll 5d6.
If you have 2 attributes from different classes that helps, roll 3d6.
If you have 1 attribute from every class that helps, roll 1d6.
The GM chooses a difficulty for an action from 2(easy) to 6(Very hard).
The roll is a success if you get a draw or better.
After every session you may add a new attribute from any class.

The Less Dice The More Risk!

Author Comments (if any)

This is the first RPG i ever create and i hope it is a fun experience for everybody :D

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