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Ghæstlean, the Gate Isle • 2016 supplement finalist

Chris Colbath •

To avoid any unwanted visitors, Horin was blocked off from other planes and surrounded by a shield.  This shield had one purpose:  redirect all traffic to Ghæstlean. 

Ghæstlean was in the deep ocean, encircled by mountains that reached the clouds.  There were immortal spells placed upon it to prevent anyone from landing on Ghæstlean.  The shore was jagged and climbing the mountains, you will never reach the top.

Several spells were placed upon the isle:
No spell can transport anything on or off Horin, without first traveling to a gate on Ghæstlean
The Gatekeeper will open a destination gate for traveler, if he so chooses, wiping their memory of the visit.

*The Gatekeeper*
The Gatekeeper has control over all travel to and from Horin.  He is a lonely sort, and so he insist on sharing a drink with everyone, and question where they are going.  If it does not endanger Horin, he will send them onward, through a gate. Otherwise, he sends them to their origin, appearing as though the spell has failed.

The only clue the traveler will ever have of meeting him is the lingering taste of their favorite drink, a gift of the Gatekeeper’s hospitality.

Author Comments (if any)

This is designed for GMs to control travel to and from their world.

Judge Comments

Solid story seed. drink detail is strong. enough to work with without hampering GM creativity. - Kat Kuhl

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