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Adventures in a Wild World • 2016 supplement finalist

David Meersteiner • no link

Roll 2d6. For each 6 roll another 2d6.
Use dice to select a group or an item of selected groups.

[1] Dangers to oppose
 1) A mighty beast of the wilderness, hungry
 2) A ferocious horde, following its instincts
 3) A savage gang, without dreams and hope
 4) An ancient Dark, now awake
 5) A misguided friend
[2] Things to find
 1) Seldom herbs, relieving distress
 2) Forgotten stories about old worlds
 3) A legendary artefact, to defeat a foe
 4) Traitor's secrets, well protected and easily lost
 5) Jewels, being more than just beautiful

[3] Obstacles to expect
 1) Guardians, not looking away
 2) Nature, denying access
 3) Pursuers, maybe old friends
 4) Something dormant, not to be awoken
 5) Powerful people, expecting you

[4] Places to discover
 1) Tenebrous woods, full of creatures
 2) Rugged cliffs and bluff mountains
 3) Paths, never trod before
 4) Derelict ruins, full of secrets
 5) The hidden side of home

[5] Something to do
 1) Obtain knowledge, by force or goodwill
 2) Bring destruction, before it reaches us
 3) Deliver something important, so others decide well
 4) Confront a threat, so peace comes
 5) Soothe a concern, so the good time stays

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Author did not add any comments.

Judge Comments

A quick, solid idea generator. This would be an invaluable tool for GMs of various levels of experience who have problems with improv or just want to add a little more depth to their plots. - Jacqueline Bryk

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