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Micro-History Builder • 2016 supplement

Christopher L. Drake • Http://

History is complicated and your history should be too, but for the sake of time, you might not want to burn five days on one session. To have the same depth at that scale, know that no player or GM has time to allude to more than one defining life moment in a given session. One moment can create a template for future decisions under stress.

1) What makes you unique?
2) Name the three to five important people in your life at a single point in time; your parents and siblings, a master and fellow students, etc.
3) Name one antagonist.
4) Create a conflict between your people and the antagonist.
5) Decide how your unique characteristic contributed to the resolution.
6) Kill, injure, or astrange one to five of your important people. This will roughly determine how changed you were by the moment.
7) Ask yourself: “Would I do that ever again? How did that moment lead to where I am now?” This ties you into the session plot.

Summarize it in one paragraph.

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