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The Old Growth • 2016 rpg

Ryan Mellon • lostcatgames@gmail.com

3-8 players

Night falls. Moons align. 
Though forbidden, you seek The Old Growth. Why? 
Choose a SKILL and POSSESSION (compare, balance). 

Forest Map: Eight oval AREAS surround eight square AREAS which surround 
The Old Growth. Each oval borders two squares. 
Everyone names the AREAS. 

Characters sharing an AREA may cooperate or sabotage, 
adding or subtracting 1 on each other’s rolls. 

Enter an unoccupied oval. Take turns...
Roll a d6. 
   <1>  DANGER (player on left narrates.) 
   <2>  DIFFICULTY. (right narrates.) 
   <3>  Mystery. (left narrates.) 
   <4>  Discovery. (right narrates. Gain a POSSESSION.) 
   <5>  Recollection. (narrate a memory. Gain a SKILL.) 
   <6>  Enter bordering AREA. 

Against DANGER ?or DIFFICULTY?, roll a d6. Subtract 3 in The Old Growth.
Add 1 for relevant POSSESSIONS and SKILLS (add 2 if STRENGTHENED). 
Uninvolved players judge relevance.
   <1,2>  Lose a SKILL. 
   <3,4> Lose a POSSESSION. 
   <5>   Retreat outward. 
   <6>   Succeed. 
   <7>   Succeed. Enter any bordering AREA. 
   <8>   Succeed. Gain or STRENGTHEN a POSSESSION. 
   <9+> Succeed. Gain or STRENGTHEN a SKILL. 

While you’re in The Old Growth, the player on right narrates great DANGER.

When successful against that DANGER, roll another d6. You narrate... 
   <1>  Death. 
   <2>  Defeat.
   <3>  Ambiguity. 
   <4>  Hope. 
   <5>  Success. 
   <6>  Revelation.

Author Comments (if any)

Huge thanks to Kirsten Hostbjor for helping to nail this down.

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