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Awakening • 2016 rpg

Lorenzo Muro •

Close your eyes. Listen to my words. I’ll take you far away.

The GM describes the setting, providing the players with information on what is commonly known about the place and time in which their characters live (e.g. the passenger car on a train in the 30’s). 

The GM takes turns in asking each character the same question

“Who are you and what do you do in this world?”

The characters answer consistently to the setting. They can freely establish relationships or do so upon suggestion of the GM, whom takes notes.

“Open your eyes.”

The GM tells the events which the characters are going to face together, and asks them one at a time what they wish to do. The GM then plays the scene following the game system.

Game system

2 six-sided dice to determine the outcome of actions. To roll a 4, 5, or 6 means a successful action. The GM sets the difficulty class of possible actions, adding or removing a success depending on how favorable or unfavorable the situation is for the characters. The GM may decide to grant permanent bonuses based on characters’ experience or equipment, binding them to a specific event.

Author Comments (if any)

Thank to Valentina, unexpected, smiling girl in a special day that made possible this little project

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