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Quite the Strech • 2016 rpg

Devlin Farmer • no link

Quite the Stretch is about coming up with inane justifications-with a dark twist...  Players play as islanders who are attempting to climb the Mountain to achieve adulthood.  The game master “plays” the Mountain.

Players begin play with three real-life household objects (anything they can carry that they find in the Mountain’s home).  These objects represent what the islanders have brought on their journey.  The Mountain begins play with a real-life book.

As players begin to slowly make their way up the Mountain, problems arise. These problems are random nouns that the Mountain selects from their book which attempts to hamper the player’s journey up the mountain.  Any given player may stop this noun by describing how their islander uses one of their objects to stop it, expelling their object from the game; OR a player may sacrifice themselves, killing their character, for a fifty percent chance of stopping the noun (determined with a coin flip).  The Mountain presents a number of nouns equal to the amount of objects they have, plus one for every three players, meaning sacrifices must be made.

Any characters who survive the obstacles ascend the Mountain, achieving adulthood, concluding the game!

Author Comments (if any)

Fuck the haters, thanks to Elanore Clark (her name is spelled wrong) for editing my nerdy shlock.

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