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Just A Moment • 2016 rpg

Jonathan Zimmerman •

Some sort of Calamity is happening, and you and your fellow players must escape. Unfortunately, time is running short.
Materials needed
50-100 Moment Counters (MC) per player in a bowl
3x5 Index Cards
Character creation:  
Write on a 3x5 index card the following Attributes: Mind, Body, and Heart. Number them 1-3, with 1 being the best. Create 1 Weakness and 1 Strength. Finally, name your character.

The Game Master will tell you what the Calamity is, and where you are.  You have to escape/stop the Calamity before time runs out. Time is measured in “moments”, and every time you want to do something, you take some time to do it. When you want to do something, you declare what it is you are attempting, and the GM will tell you a complexity (1-5) and what Attribute it utilizes.

-Mind: solving, fixing, inventing, questioning
-Body: moving, fighting, lifting, defending
-Heart: talking, persuading, helping, leading
Weakness: +1 if relevant
Strength: -1 if relevant
Take a number of MC’s out equal to the Complexity plus the Attribute’s number, plus the Weakness/Strength (if Applicable).

If you run out of MCs before you escape or stop the Calamity, you lose!

Author Comments (if any)

Thanks to Matt Bohnhoff for telling me about this project.

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