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The Questioning • 2016 rpg

Guilherme Duarte Rodrigues •

2 players - Questioner and Suspect

Maybe you are a spy trying to pass customs, or a company man trying to uncover who has been taking your lunch. It´s time to know the truth. Or not.

Suspect: Create and write the Big Truth (what is happening) and the Big Lie (what you want the Questioner to believe). Based on these, write down on 8 pieces of paper 5 truths and 3 lies. These are the “Pieces of Evidence”. One of the truths must be who you are (Name, looks …). 
Make up and call out the official tittle of your Questioner (“Officer, Mom …”), and it´s on.

Questioner:  Pick up 2 Pieces. Your role is to uncover the Big Truth by questioning the Suspect. Aside questions, you have 3 extra tools:
Clues found: You freely collect 2 Pieces.
Forensics confirms it: Check if 1 owned Piece is true.
Unexpected witness:Create 2 new Pieces, 1 lie and 1 truth. The Suspect decides which is what.

The Game: 
Every time the Questioner asks something important, or related to the Evidence, he gets a new Piece.
If the Questioner finds out the Big Truth or the Big Lie, the game ends. 

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