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Sword in the Stone • 2016 rpg

Andy Munich •

1. Each player is a knight of the realm. The one who pulls the sword from the stone becomes ruler of the realm.
2. Knights take turns describing the journey that led them to the stone and the deeds that make them worthy of the sword.
3. Once all the tales have been told, each player votes in secret for a knight to be the one to remove the sword.
4. If there is a tie, the knights may duel each other or defer to another. Any duel is resolved with a simple coin toss; the loser dies and the winner cannot remove the sword. The sword remains in the stone until the next session.
5. If a player votes for themselves, they are a corrupted knight and must duel all other knights. If they survive, the realm falls into ruin and the game ends.
6. If a knight successfully removes the sword, they become ruler and must give each remaining knight a quest. The sword is placed back within the stone at the end of their reign and a new session can begin.
7. Keep playing sessions until a corrupted knight ruins the realm or someone wishes to stop.

Author Comments (if any)

I love to tell stories with my friends. Sword in the Stone is a simple story generating engine that runs on the old standby of Arthurian-style legend, with gender references specifically avoided. What’s more, the terms “sword” and “knights” can easily be changed to anything that suits the story you and your friends would like to tell.

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