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Saga of Eternal Winter • 2016 supplement

Jan Crowen Rosa • no link

A micro-setting for Fate Accelerated.

Winter Demons, Cruel Winter Sorcerers Cailleach (+2 when Flashy creating advantage using Illusions) and her Warlord, Mighty Frost Giant Bláinn (+2 when Forcefully attacking with claymore), have arrived to the land of Aes Sídhe, the elves, and brought Eternal Winter. Summer Goddess Áine gave her daughters, summer spirits, magical gifts to fight them.

CCFFQS = Careful, Clever, Flashy, Forceful, Quick, Sneaky.

Faoladh, strong-willed swordswoman werewolf (C1C2F3F1Q2S0), received Fragarach, Sword of air (+2 when uncovering hidden truth).

Beanna, rash archer werecrow (C2C1F0F1Q3S2), received Bogha Gréine, Sun Bow (Once per session, one pull will release arrows that hits all enemies).

Arthwen, strong berserker werebear (C0C1F2F3Q2S1), received Areadbhair, Fire spear (Ignites everything on touch when unsheathed.). 

Sionnach, cunning sorceress werefox (C0C3F2F1Q1S2), received Draíochta, magic powers (+2 when Cleverly creating advantage against winter creatures using magic).

Heroines must cross four domains guarded by Cailleach’s warlords and serfs before confronting the Winter Demons: 
- Fire Dragon Eldur and Warrior Orcs of Fire mountains.
- Gigantic Kraken Hafgufa and Norse pirates of Winter Islands.
- Tireless Undead Knight Glámr and fierce Revenants of Shadowland.
- Malicious Sorcerer Sluagh and macabre Banshees of Whispering forest.

Distribute +5, +4, +3, +2, +2, +1 between demon’s and warlord’s Approaches.

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