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Liberators • 2016 rpg

Ben Krimsun • no link

From the orbital space stations humans watch as monsters ravage their world. Too often resources are stretched thin and Liberator expeditions to the surface are inevitable. 
A Liberator is a 100m tall, piloted bipedal robot. One arm, a ranged weapon, the other arm, a manipulator hand. Liberators fly in atmosphere at Mach 1, and can move at 160 km/hour on the ground. It accelerates to speed in 1 turn (3 seconds). 
Liberator stats:
Power: 10/round(number of actions only limited by power
Speed: 160kmh / mach1
running (1 power) / flying (3 power)
Armor: 10 (essentially HP, nanoregeneration replenishes 1 armor per minute, 20 power per minute)
Slugger- x2 ballistic damage (1 power) 
Laser- x3 energy damage, one round to recharge (3 power)
Missile- x2 ½ballistic ½ energy, successful evasion halves damage. (2 power)
Kaiju get whatever dicepools the gm declares. 
Dicepools are formed by the amount of power used(values listed indicate the minimum, so 10 dice maximum). Attack rolls are opposed by evasion/pilot rolls. Dice are rolled, keeping the highest number rolled as the result, subtract the Evasion roll's result from that. If positive, the hit does damage based on the weapon multiplier. 

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