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Welcome to Mount Akumu • 2016 rpg

Alex Lunder • 1d3studios.com

Welcome to Mount Akumu
You and your friends have taken a camping trip to the beautiful Mount Akumu. On your third day, you stumble across a clearing filled with rotting totem poles.

From then on, you’ve been pursued by something in these woods, and that something wants to kill you. Maybe it’s a wendigo, maybe a skinwalker, maybe a cannibal dwarf.

Playing the Game
Every player starts with a single die (d6) in front of them which will be their totem. While performing tasks to try and escape the thing in the woods the GM will ask if the player wants to add another die to their totem. The player may then:
Accept and stack another die on top of their totem. The task they were trying to perform succeeds. 
Refuse and fail the task they were performing.

If, while in the process of stacking a die on top of their totem, their totem falls over the character will die before the end of the game.

Note: a player who refuses to add to their totem can never be killed, but the resulting failed task could mean future tasks that wouldn’t have required a stack will now require one.

Author Comments (if any)

I have a PDF containing these Rules in a format inspired by a travel kiosk brochure.

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