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Puzzle for an Investigation Game • 2016 supplement

mutant •

Bring a puzzle game for children that you won't regret or create a simple one (15-20 pieces).

Compose a final picture for your scenario investigation.
It can be an element appearing in the scenario or a background element (a landscape, a portrait, a letter, a personal photo etc.). This will be shown in the puzzle at the end of the game and should give a special touch to the story (nostalgia, secret, surprise, sadness etc.).

Print this picture (with or without caption) to your puzzle size.
Cut and glue the picture onto the puzzle.  Carefully cut each piece so that you can completely undo the puzzle.

Divide all the puzzle pieces between the different evidences of your story.

When the players discover these evidences give them the pieces face down.

To them build the puzzle face down during the game through the elements they get. 
If they do not find any, the puzzle will not be complete.

At the end of the game the players cautiously return the puzzle and discover his secret. 

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