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Three Strikes: Really conclude in one session • 2016 supplement

Johannes Oppermann •

Three Strikes
Make your story conclude in one session.

First strike - Introduction
You heard a story element you really care about? Take an index card, hold it up. Say its name: 
„Frodo’s ring“, „Helen’s abduction to Troy“. Have a thumb-vote: 
Thumbs-up: „Yeah! Let’s see this conclude tonight.“ 
Thumbs-down: „Meh. I don’t care.“
If yes - write the name on the card. You know the group is into this thing. Put it in front of you. No more than two cards per player, so choose wisely. 

Second strike - Story Question
When you use an element that already has a card on the table, give it a "second strike" (a token), and formulate an interesting question for it. 

Write the question on the card: "Will Frodo destroy the ring?", “Will Helen be avenged?” What’s not on a card doesn't need resolution. 

Third strike - Resolution
Answering the question on a card is the "third strike“ - it is now resolved. Put a second token on it and write the answer down. With all cards resolved, you end the story. 

Everyone can spend their 4 strike tokens (1 for 1) to pay for epilogue vignettes. Each one is an image that rounds out the story. 

Author Comments (if any)

This is a storytelling technique to add to any freeform game that is prone to meander about and introduce too many elements/scenes/characters, so it doesn’t conclude and leave everyone with a sour taste in their mouth. You always see what the story is about on the table, and you have a visible story countdown you can compare to the time you have left in the session.

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