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The Blame Game • 2016 rpg

Christopher L. Drake • Http://

Something was stolen, lost, or destroyed, or someone was kidnapped, lost, or killed. It’s your fault. You are now under the scrutiny of The Boss and your only hope of survival will be to pin the blame on another flunky by lying through your teeth. The Boss is not forgiving.

You will decide the truth by making a claim (one statement). Every claim must result in “throwing shade” or agreement. Throw shade by saying “That’s not what happened…” and challenging via rock-paper-scissors; ties result in a best-of-three. Winner decides if the claim was true and gains +1 Trust while the loser suffers -1 Trust. Agreement gains everyone +1 Trust. Keep a record of all truths.

Begin: Throw shade to claim first; winner describes the situation. Next flunky counters with shade or agreement. Repeat until all flunkies are solidly sick of each other or the web of lies is too twisted to know what is real anymore.

Resolution: Any contradictory Truths cost everyone -1 Trust. Total Trust points. Loser describes their own gratuitous execution.

Optional Rule: Cutthroat Play. Each throw in a best-of-three requires a new claim for a total of +3/-3 Trust at the end. Record all truths.

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