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Handbook 4: The Reasonably Ceased • 2016 rpg

Ross Fulton •

Each person begins the game alone and joins the play area one at a time when they are ready.
When all are present each person introduces themselves and makes a small request of the person to join before them (such as a change of thermostat, glass of water, handshake, or similar).
The asked will assume something small about the asker and will deny the request in clear terms relating to that reason.
The denier then explains to the next person to join why they wouldn't have denied them.
The first person to arrive makes their request of the last person to arrive and gives some dice to each person.

Play proceeds freely.  Defend your denial to everyone who will listen.  Explain your request to them too.  Why were they important?

The game should end when everyone (save the one being forced out) agrees that one person should have to leave the play area for reason(s) expressed.
If such a consensus isn't reached in a timely manner you may force someone out by identifying them and each rolling the dice in front of you.  Highest total wins.  Lowest capitulates and loses their dice.

Author Comments (if any)

Special thanks to Nick Wedig who helped me develop our previous collaboration Martian Bocce (an Icehouse game) and everyone in indie game development (double especially the Indie Games on Demand crew). You are all helping create the games, space, atmosphere, and attitudes that the gaming hobby was short on for so long.

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