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Survival of the Femmest • 2016 rpg finalist

River Williamson •

Survival of the Femmest
Monsters everywhere.  Weapons useless.  Cosmetics stop them.

Give each player two index cards and a pencil.  The players write a type of cosmetic on each card--like nail polish--and then shuffle the cards together.

One player takes a card they like and writes down how the cosmetic affects the gross monsters, then reads the full card.  Another player volunteers to play the character, saying “[Character name] will champion [cosmetic]!” and describes a special move and their awesome look.  That player repeats the process.  The final card describes what the colony seeks.

Each player explains how their champion looks up to another and how yet another let the colony down.  These bonds are negotiable; the player who receives the bond writes it down.

The champion with the most bonds is The Crone; they know the world from before and they act as the GM.  Trade champions now if you like.

The Crone sets the objective and dangers in an infested area, focusing on the missing cosmetic.  Champions are only successful if they have a special move, cosmetic application, or bond that applies to their action.  Otherwise, another champion must sacrifice a bond or themselves.

Author Comments (if any)

This came to me in a hypnagogic hallucination where an androgynous young adult threw a bottle of nail polish at a monster like a Belmont throws holy water. The game grew naturally from that.

Judge Comments

This deserves to be a semi-finalist at very least due to its innovative subversion of standard masculine sci-fi/fantasy tropes. Players triumph against their enemies through traditionally feminine ideals and graces, which are never put down or made fun of. Unique, charming, and definitely made me want to play at least one session. - Jacqueline Bryk

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