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Relics of Merimna • 2016 rpg

Francesco Ferrari • no link

"I never dreamed of a city as beautiful as Merimna with its spires, palaces and stories of its ancient heroes are carved in marble and bronze."

Each player creates a hero, tells his story and invents a relic kept in the city mausoleum.

"The city lies peacefully asleep and weary. 
The old threats have been fought back out of the city, waiting to rise again and lastly conquer Merimna."

A randomly selected player choose one of the heroes and secretly decides if his relic is safe or cursed.
Then creates, through narration, a danger that threats the city linked to the hero he chose. 
The other players will be the citizens and have to decide whether to destroy the relic or keep it to save the city.
Choose another player and keep it up until every artifact is tested.

"The dream is broken, heroes will not come back, and whatever will be the fate of Merimna, its citizens will know that the glory is only carved in stone."

Reveal the choices regarding the relics: the city is safe if at least one is cursed and if, among the artifacts survived, the safe relics are more than cursed ones.

Author Comments (if any)

inspired by “The sword of Welleran” by Lord Dunsany

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