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200 Hero's Journeys • 2016 rpg

Fabio Gemesio •

Each player writes his character name and some info about it, then all the character's sheets  go on the table side-by-side.

Get 12 sheets and write on each one of this titles (phases):

Ordinary Hero’s world (introduce the hero)
Call to Adventure (define the destabilizing facts)
Refusal to Go
Meeting the mentor
Crossing the threshold (introduce the enemy - get ready, no turning back)
Tests to overcome (introduce the ally)
See the reward and fight for it
The ultimate fight
Get the reward
Return to Hero’s world
The resurrection (the last twist, biggest challenge)
Enjoy (or hate?) the reward, back to Ordinary World

Share this sheets randomly to all players, they write on it a piece of story or just some suggestion on the phase of the story.

Shuffle the sheets and assign randomly to the characters on the table, take some time so every player can read the phases assigned to his and other characters

Each player in turn get one phase, introduce his character in the part of the story concerned, or describe events that happen to the other characters, does not need to be in order, just use common sense, flashback or flashforward to make everything interesting.

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