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The Philosoraptor Advisors: NPCs for FAE • 2016 supplement

Bruce ES Warner • no link

CONCEPT: Psychic raptor twins
ITEM ASPECT: The Goggles of Insight and of Hindsight
Yes, they're raptors in goggles. And they're the "feathery, size of a chicken" sort of raptor. The Philosoraptors aren’t to be trifled with, though. As scheming NPC advisors to a powerful enemy, the twins are playing their own long game and liable to fill any power vacuum the PCs might create by defeating their mistress.
+2 Careful
+3 Clever
+0 Flashy
+1 Forceful
+1 Quick
+2 Sneaky
- THE WALLS HAVE EARS. Once per session, at the cost of a Fate point, we can automatically discover the results of a secret meeting.
- IF YOU KNOW WHAT WE MEAN. We get +2 when Cleverly creating advantages based on someone else's secret(s).
- WE CAN KILL YOU WITH OUR BRAINS. We can Cleverly attack an opponent’s mind (and thus can’t be Unarmed). When this attack would give us a boost, we can instead learn one of our target’s aspects and put a free invoke on it.
- TAG TEAM. At the end of our turn, we can spend a Fate point to immediately get another turn. We can only do this once per round (max two turns per round).?

Author Comments (if any)

First spotted in a Masters of Umdaar/ARRPG crossover campaign, the twins started as an experiment in fractal design and quickly took over the plot. I hope they throw as many cool twists into your campaign as they did into ours!

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