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Royal College of Neraidology • 2016 rpg

Ivan Nevill •

Dear participant,

You have been invited to take part in a field trip to determine the nature of faerie activity in a public garden, parkland or cultural site. You will be given one full hour to investigate the location and gather data.

Data may take many forms and we recognize that creative extrapolation is a key part of the scientific method in regard to neraidology. In particular, we wish to know:
-What species of faerie dwell in the area (sprites, gnomes, leprechauns, brownies, etc)
-What habits they may have (dances, mushroom tending, animal husbandry)
-What locations they favour (hidden hollows, man-made structures, natural wonders)
-What tools, items or trinkets they have used (coloured stones, unusual feathers, shiny items)

Once the hour is complete, all participants are expected to present their findings to each other and form a cohesive theory to present to the College. We expect that the work of all participants be given equal weight and recommend rewarding yourselves with a picnic afterward.

We look forward to seeing your results,


Sir Francis Cobblesworth
Dean of Neraidology (Faerie Studies)

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