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Tho' Much is Taken, Much Abides • 2016 rpg

Ben Klug • @silkandstone on twitter

    There can be a game master or not.
Heroes all, you freed the land from terror’s grip and now you rule it jointly.
Power comes at price: a curse. No more than one of you shall die of age, abed.
What horror did you overcome? How did you play your part? What are your visions for the land? What conflicts nascent in those visions?
    Play proceeds by decades, one scene each, as all the decade’s trials reach their peak. Minor characters play minor roles, by players played. Take authority, diplomacy, and other arts of rule to wield. 
Judge what solutions fail and which succeed, and how. Judge harshly - rulership is hard. Today’s solutions are tomorrow’s trials.
    You may choose to act directly, hero (rather than through your authority) to overcome one trial, once a decade. Roll a die, ten-sided: if it reads a six or higher, you succeed heroically. To roll the current decade’s number or below is always death.
Heroes may join forces, roll together, alongside each other - one successful hero seals it. 
    Now play out the years. The dead may have a legacy - their players should play minor characters, and generate the trials of the living.

Author Comments (if any)

This was partly inspired by the length of time Conan is king of Aquilonia, partly by Beowulf’s time as King of the Geats, and partly by Tennyson’s Ulysses - but primarily by a long-running campaign I GMed in which the PCs ended up ruling a country, and the friction between using their authority and using their personal heroic skills. Also, much of the text is in iambic meter.

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