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Chaos Boundary - pocket edition • 2016 rpg

Menno van der Leden •

Describe your universe. Choose any combination: magic, horror, technology, cyberpunk, dystopian, space, post-apocalyptic or fantasy. Name two good things and two bad things in this universe.

Players, tell us who you are. These might describe you: humanoid, android, fantastic or animal. You’ll assign three bonus points (+1) and two penalty points (-1) to any of these Abilities: Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom, Intelligence or Social. You start with 0 Damage Points. DP > 3 will kill you. Sleep will heal 1 DP.

The Game Master will describe the universe and present Obstacles (encounters, hardships, ...) in the most colorful way. Each Obstacle will have a Difficulty: easy: 1, difficult: -1, very hard: -3. Obstacles can suffer 0–7 DP before destruction.

Players narrate their Solution (melee, magic, thieving, …) to the Obstacle. Each Ability used in their solution adds bonus and penalty points. Add Difficulty. Subtract DP. This is the Modifier for the 2d6 roll:

9+: success, Player can do 1 Damage 
6–8: mixed, both can do 1 Damage
5-: fail, GM can do 1 Damage
2–8: extra Obstacles
2, 12: 1 extra Damage

Additional rules will self-create during the game.

Your goal: create stories; discover treasures, secrets; liberate people; be heroes; bend the rules.

Author Comments (if any)

Chaos Boundary - pocket edition is based on the Role Playing Game that is currently being developed. The philosophy of the game is that anything can and should be possible and that story creation is more important than rigid game rules. It’s a tug of war of words between the players and GM, without a winner. It’s the narrative that follows that is the main purpose of the the game and it is the reward for both the GM and the players.

Chaos Boundary provides a framework that is well balanced and allows all participants to discover the boundaries of their universe.

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