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Drunk History • 2016 rpg

Alexander Yakovlev •

Take a company of friends and a bottle of alcohol. This is a roleplaying game.

The host says “I want to tell you a story about the [name of Great Person] who [did an Unimaginable Feat].” He opens the bottle and pours it out to everyone. He begins the first round.

On the start of the round, you tell a story about the Great Person. A big victory? A notable record? The worst moment? A heroic sacrifice? 

If someone cannot agree with your story, he strikes the gong (or puts his palm down on the table, or loudly roars) saying: “This is not how that happened! I'll tell you the real version!” and relates his account.

If you are interrupted, you have to drink and pour yourself a new glass. If you could finish your story, everyone drinks and the next round begins from the person sitting on your left.

When the bottle is half empty, you begin focusing on the achievement that defined this Great Person. Was it extremely difficult? What happened afterwards?

On the last round of drinks the bottle is empty, there are no stories left to tell. Everyone says a finishing phrase. Everyone drinks.

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