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The Gulf Between Them • 2018 rpg finalist

Star King West •

Players: 3
Materials: pencils, index Cards

Create two Characters, giving them: a close personal relationship, names, and descriptions. 

The Players will share these Characters. Pick two Players to start as the Characters; they sit facing each other.

The third Player sits beside them; they are 'The Gulf.'

Each scene starts in Conflict; decide on the Conflict.

The Characters set the scene and play it out, trying to work through the Conflict.

At any time, 'The Gulf' may interrupt a Character and have them write their last spoken sentence onto a card. 'The Gulf' alters the sentence (adding / removing / replacing / emphasizing up to three words) and passes that card to the other Character.

The Character receiving the card reads the altered sentence out loud and places the card in front of them on their side of the table; this is what they think the speaker meant.

Anyone may end the scene. 
The Players stand and take the seat and role of the Player to their right.


The Gulf
When the cards span the distance between the two Characters, the game ends.
These cards are "The Gulf Between them."

Look them over carefully. Reflect.

Author Comments

Lots of thanks to RPG Workshop, our RPG design group in Seattle, for help with play testing and encouraging participation in this year’s competition.

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