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Janus: a game for three players • 2018 rpg finalist

Blair Allen •

One of you is a spy. The other two are your handlers -- or claim to be. You've been hit with an experimental compound by a group that's infiltrated your agency, looking to subvert it for their own goals -- or so they say. They're saying lots of things, though. Like that the other is lying. Like that the other is an infiltrator.

You have a pounding headache. And both of them at gunpoint.

You can only manage ten questions -- ten questions to decide which of them is telling the truth about being your handler, which of them should be eliminated as a threat to your organisation. Ten questions, while the building is falling down around your ears.

When the spy has asked 5 questions, handlers each secretly flip a coin -- heads, and you're not an infiltrator. Tails, you are. Keep this secret from the other players.

Answer the final five questions as convincingly as you can.

When the spy has chosen who to believe, and who to eliminate, the still living handler should narrate briefly what happens next. Reveal if you were truly the handler, if you were lying, or if you let your comrade die to save your own skin.

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