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#WinterIntoSpring • 2018 rpg winner

E. E. COLI •

Split 4+ players between contentious "Minority"/"Majority" factions.  

You're fashionistas vlogging before and after Revolution. 

DEFINE "Fashion" ("everyday human-ish," "cybernetics," ... ).

Grab any 2 magazines.

Everyone:  Glue together a paperdoll representing your fashionista using body-parts cut from magazines.

To CONSUME Fashion, each faction spends 6 minutes cutting pictures of attire from magazines (clothing, accessories, hairstyles, ...).  Cut hastily, roughly.  Majority cuts first.  Factions keep separate wardrobes.

Every season, each faction picks one word on the flipside of any cutout.  These're TRENDING Revolution-related hashtags.  Interpret their meanings.  Incorporate them during roleplaying.


Consume Fashion.

MINORITY:  Speaking as your fashionistas, roleplay #GetReadyWithMe videos showing morning routines.  Model Fashion on paperdolls.  


	*Today's agenda.
	*How outfit complements agenda.
	*Vlogosphere drama.

MAJORITY:  Roleplay Holiday #OutfitOfTheDay videos modeling festive Fashion.  


	*How outfit reflects traditions.

CRITIQUE everyone! (clothes fit paperdoll?  accessorized?  ...)


Players swap factions!

Discard all Fashion!


Consume Fashion.

MINORITY:  Roleplay Holiday #OutfitOfTheDay videos.


	*Holidays: what's changed?

MAJORITY:  Roleplay #HAUL videos.  Unbox multiple Fashion acquisitions ("shoe haul").


	*How life's improved.
	*Favorite postrevolutionary brands.
	*Rival vloggers.

Critique everyone!


>After SPRING, return to WINTER.  Check magazines:

>>Fashion scarcity?  REDEFINE Fashion ("No more clothes?  Wear flesh.")

>>Empty?  End.

Author Comments

Thanks to the 200 word reddit for encouragement/feedback. Was gonna post some awesome Migos lyrics in this space, but I can’t decide which ones to post. Sorry.

Judge Comments

The idea of cutting magazines for a game about fashion waves is interesting and fresh. - Rugerfred

Is the revolution one of style or merely in style? Are the trend setting-paper dolls merely cultural icons or the remainders of a dying world cobbling together dignity from a pile of scraps? Whatever the context, the mechanic of debuting and appraising clothing before and after upheaval is novel, and suggests deep wealth of story normally left out of the stories of revolution. - Kelsey

Fashion, particularly real world fashion, an industry, a culture, a whole media world, might be the most underrated and underutilized subject matter in games. This went there, and went there unapologetically, without fear or handholding. #winterintospring rightly contextualized fashion as a major force in politics and economics. We have seven zillion games about slaying dragons, but not one Commes de Garcon RPG. I love dragons, but this inequity seems wrong. - Maxwell

This is nice. I like how it offers a criticism of the cutthroat nature of the fashion scene, as well as getting the players to think about what it means for the powerful to become the weak and the weak to become the powerful. - Bronwyn

A brilliant juxtaposition of fashion and politics, with a bonus for fun dressup activities. - Jessica

More Judge Comments Coming Soon!

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