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Children | Caretakers • 2018 rpg finalist

Michael Thomét •

Air hisses around    | They are waking up.
you, filling you     | The children stumble
with your first      | from their pods in
labored breath. When | pain and uncertainty
you exhale: a scream | of the world, and
as you open your     | they will need help
eyes to the blinding | coming to the terms
reality.             | of their existence.
You are a child of   | You are a caretaker
humanity.            | of hope.
1000 years ago, your | Your makers designed
ancestors were sent  | you from plastic and
to a distant star.   | steel with the sole
Your children will   | purpose of ferrying
become the hope of   | these souls to their
humanity. But you?   | destination. They
Your duty is done,   | instilled you with
ejected so the new   | the care to love
generation may grow. | them and the caution
Find your purpose    | to watch for dissent
and hope.            | that may grow.
You had a dream of   | You were built with
doing something.     | a function. What was
What was it? When    | it? When you act,
your actions mimic   | roll a d6. If it's
your dream, gain     | your function, roll
hope. Sacrifice      | an extra d6. If a
hope to carry on     | five or six shows,
when halted.         | succeed.
'Til death.          | For eternity.

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