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Ogre in the Court! • 2018 rpg finalist

Matthew Seagle •

You are a fantasy public defender. You represent thieves, cultists, and even intelligent monsters. Today your defendant is THE OGRE!

Ogre has a tendency to rage then attack witnesses, which causes a mistrial.
The Defence doesn't get paid unless the trial completes. 
You MUST keep Ogre calm.

Other players can be the judge, prosecution, witnesses, or Ogre.

There are a minimum 3 witnesses: Eye, Expert, Character.

Roll for crime:
1. Many Manslaughter
2. Grand Theft Mule
3. Uttering Loud and Strangely Detailed Threats
4. Loitering 
5. Assault with a Beehive.
6. Non-Licensed Alchemy.

As witnesses testify, Ogre might overflow with rage over their "baseless" accusations. 

Roll for Witness Mood:
1. Hostile
2. Confident
3. Fearful
4. Friendly

Prosecution and Defence are encouraged to object to each others line of questioning to encourage the Judge to rule in their favour.

The Judge will award a d4, d6, or d8 depending on how the role playing was. Add the number to Ogre's rage pool. If it goes to 12, he will LOSE IT! 

The Defence can call a recess to calm the Ogre down once per trial. Roll a d6 and decrease Ogre's rage by that amount.


Author Comments

A comedy game of fantasy justice and emotional instability for 2-7 players

Judge Comments

Ogre in the Court is one that I think could be a brilliant full length game, it’s conceit is so perfect, I can see the box art now. - Maxwell

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