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Hush A Bye • 2018 rpg finalist

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You are Andrea, a twenty-four-year-old young woman living in your parents' basement in Ohio. You got pregnant from a one-time hook-up and somehow hid the whole pregnancy from your parents. Two days ago you gave birth when no one else was home, put the baby in a plastic grocery bag, and took it out with the trash to the curb for pick-up, where it died alone in the night of asphyxiation.

Dogs do uncanny things sometimes. A neighborhood dog tore open the bag in the pre-dawn, revealing the baby to be found by the trash men and reported to the police. You were taken into custody today during your shift at A&P.

Now I will interrogate you and you will answer my questions. You do not request a lawyer. I will ask why you did it. I will ask who the father is. I will ask who knew you were pregnant, and who knew what you intended to do. I will ask other questions. I will ask if you named the baby.

If I get you to cry first, I win. If you get me to cry first, you win.

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