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Up the Drunx • 2018 rpg finalist

Chad Wolf •

You are a bunch of drunk punx who are sick of this town's shit.  After a night of drinking, you are ready for a revolution.  Think globally, act locally, and overthrow your municipal government.

Materials: Glasses, one gross drink (preferably alcoholic like malort) per player, and one delicious drink per player (preferably alcoholic, like a pina colada).

GM: Your job is to put obstacles in the way of these young punx.  Don't make it easy for them to seize city hall and smash all the parking meters.

Mechanics: When you want to do something to overcome an obstacle, tell the GM.  The GM decides if it's small or big.  If it's small, take a swig of the yummy drink.  If it's big, take a drink of the gross one.  You always succeed with consequences.  You can down some gross drink to mitigate those consequences.

Play continues until someone doesn't feel well or the punx seize city hall.

Warning: Please drink responsibly.  Know your limits.  People are more important than games. GMs look out for your players.  If you or a loved one has a problem with alcohol, seek help.

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