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What's my Motivation? • 2018 rpg finalist

Andy Haynes •

The games we play are merely Hollywood productions, and we the actors who star in them.
Each Player takes the role of the actor playing the parts of their various characters.
The Game Master of any given game is that game's "Director."
What kind of production is the game? (A movie, A TV Show, etc...)
What's it's title?
Any known actors playing the parts of NPCs?
Each session of any game your group plays earns each attending player one point of "Sway."
Before each session, the Director decides how many points of Sway are required for an actor to call "CUT!"
When an actor spends Sway to call "CUT!" The cameras stop rolling, and players assume the role of their actors.
The actor who called "CUT!" must now play out a scene, explaining why they needed to stop the action. 
The results of this scene grant that actor a small bonus in the current production.
Actor demands to know their motivation. (Director gives a hint about an upcoming situation.)
Actor demands their stunt double steps in. (Character suffer no consequences from  current conflict.)
Actor asks for a reshoot. (Character receives a re-do on a recently failed action.)

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