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A Level-Headed Conversation • 2018 rpg finalist

Johannes Punkt •

For 2-6 players.

You're all in a shuttle, grazing the atmosphere of a majestic, foreign planet. 

Start the timer: 15 minutes until the shuttle runs out of air or burns up in the atmosphere or ____________. Take turns clockwise answering the questions below in any order you like. When a question has been answered, cross it out.

        Why are you panicking?
        What's the last thing you did before boarding the shuttle?
        What do you see out the shuttle window?
        Who did this?
        Is there life on the planet?
        What music is playing in this shuttle, and why?
        Are you human?
        What's that incongruous item in your will?
        How can you laugh at a time like this?
        What will the people back home think about this?
        Is your orbit stable?
        Are there other, greater forces at work?
        What's the atmosphere down there like?
        What animal did you smuggle onto the shuttle?
        Where did you board the shuttle?
        What's this graffiti say?
        What's this planet's sun like?
        What will you miss?

When the timer runs out the person who is currently talking finishes their sentence, then the next person describes the shuttle's demise, based on what has already come to light.

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