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Word/Cross • 2018 rpg finalist

Owen Top •

Find a novel or novels no one cares about. Cut a page from the book for each of the players.

Each player chooses one side of their page.
Each player underlines a word or phrase on their page to be their name.
Each player circles two adjectives on their page to be their signature abilities.

The GM uses the blurb on the back of the book to create the scenario, and describes it to the players.

When you encounter conflict, cross out two-three words on your page, and use these words to describe how you overcome the conflict. 
The words must be used in the order they appear on the page.
The words you use must be relevant to the situation.
For each word you have crossed off, roll a D6. 
You can use your signature abilities without crossing them off to roll a D6, or you can cross them off to roll 2D6. 
On a 10+ you succeed. 
If you fail, cross off a number of lines on your page equal to 10 minus your roll. The GM describes what befalls you.
If you run out of lines on your page, you die.

Author Comments

I really like odd conflict resolution mechanics which go beyond just rolling dice and adding modifiers and so on, and I figured I would try to build my 200 word entry around one of them. I’d like to thank the boys at Gippsland Gamers for comments and support on this rather crazy plan.

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