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Knights and their Lances • 2018 rpg finalist

Eric Levanduski •

A game for two players.

You two are rival knights competing in a joust tournament for the honor and hand of the most esteemed Princess Roswyn of Courtesa. Secretly, one of you wants your rival knight more. Regardless, you have three jousts to do this.

Knights, please pick one descriptor for you and one for your rival: Large, Lovely, Weathered, Chiseled, Handsome, Athletic, Slim, Fair, Stout, Wild, Cute, Plain, Old, Stylish

Knights, one describes the princess and their token. The other secretly wants their rival knight. Choose now.

Before the first joust, it is custom to trot by the Princess' seat, boast and request her favor. What do you say to Princess Roswyn? What will you promise during the joust for their hand? 

Rock-Paper-Scissors best of two for who wins the Princess' token.

You will joust three times. Knights may not speak to one another directly during the joust. Take turns describing how the other takes your lance. Innuendo is encouraged. It's ok to laugh or facepalm as players.

Reflect: Have you won the heart of your rival? Have you won the heart of the Princess?

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