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The Noose • 2018 rpg finalist

Tanner Clausen •

For one GM and multiple players.

The GM chooses a Horror and its goal. The group begins a game of Hangman, with the mystery word being the GM's Horror.

The Horror is trying to hunt and harm the characters. The characters investigate their surroundings to determine what the horror is, as it tries to complete its goals.

When the characters make progress on their investigation, they can guess a letter for their Hangman game. If correct, the letter is added to the board. If incorrect, a body part is drawn on the Hangman and the Horror gets closer to its goals or harming the characters.

Each player can make one guess as to what the Horror is (and the mystery word). If they successfully guess, the Horror manifests and they narrate the characters' escape or triumph.

If they run out of guesses, the Horror manifests and the characters are caught, killed, or consumed by it, and their story ends.

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