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You Got This! Ghostfighter Friends • 2018 rpg finalist

C. C. S. Ryan •

You are four female and/or nonbinary friends who fight ghosts in your town. You will do anything for each other.

All rules are optional. Use group consensus. 

Describe your characters in this format:
My name is ____.
I'm the ____ friend. 
People think I'm ______, but my friends know I'm actually ____.
When you need ______, I'm there. 

Roll 1d6 to determine an EVENT.
1-4: Ghost encounter
5: External mundane event
6: Relationship event

Decide who is the FOCUS for this event. That person describes the event with input from their friends. The event doesn't have to be bad: a birthday, a ghost wants to join the team, fanmail arrives. 
Assemble 13 TOKENS (candies, pins, etc.) in one pool. 

Your team has 13 ACTIONS to resolve the event. There is no set order; who acts next is determined by consensus. Spend a token to take an action.
(Interpret action types freely.)

Roll 1d6. 1-4 succeeds, except Support where 1-5 succeeds.

Narrate your success or setback. Friends can jump in any time to use an action. Group consensus determines final satisfactory resolution. 

If any friend is irrevocably emotionally hurt or dies, the game ends. Everyone loses.

Author Comments

Written on impulse during the short flight from Madison WI to Chicago IL; inspired by Ghostbusters 2016 and the Female Friendships in SFF panel in which I participated at Wiscon 42.

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